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China is also known as Chunghwa and it is the full name of the People's Republic of China and its capital is Beijing. Located in eastern Asia continent and world’s most populous country. China is the third largest country in the world in terms of territory; the coast has flat terrain and fine harbors. China is a multinational country with the main body of Chinese citizens. Various nationalities in the territory of China are called by a joint name, Chinese nation and Dragon is the symbol of Chinese nation. There are beautiful natural sceneries and cultural landscapes, various delicious foods, enthusiastic and hospitable people in China.

Places to Visit in China

There are so many destinations to visit in China, Tourism in China has greatly expanded over the last few decades. It is also the third most visited country in the world. China has world's most visited airports as well and most of the airlines are providing connectivity to all destinations. China has a large number of wonderful attractions including antique sites and relics, impoCGOg imperial palaces, delicate water towns, amazing natural wonders and splendid cultural heritages. Top attractions of China are Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Terracotta Army, Yangtze River, Li River , Silk road and many more.

Things to do in China

There are some places and some things that tourists miss, such as the climbing the Great Wall, cruiCGOg along Yangtze River, cooking Chinese dishes, etc. They are all typical Chinese activities or places of interests.

China International Airport

The Country has more than 100 airports and has four major airlines which connect countries around the world. The major Airports are in Beijing, Shanghai , Guangzhou and Hangzhou which is served by all major airlines. China has its four major airlines named as Air China, China Airways, China southern Airways and China Eastern Airways.We have special deals available for all these airlines, Call us and Save more on flights by contacting us at our toll free number +1-800-137-8889 or chat with our experienced team of travel consultants and get the discounts on all Air Tickets to China.

Best Time to Visit China

China is a big Country and it depends on where you are planning to visit. The most recommended time to visit China is Early in October The weather is at its optimum. Most of China has warm/mild temperatures, and the summer rains have stopped. Fall hues appear, giving many areas added appeal. If you are fond of autumn colors, October is definitely the best month to visit China.

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